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Deutsche Bank

The system integrators of NetherLED and the architectural lighting designers of Magic Monkey have collaborated to create a stunning lighting scheme for the Deutsche Bank in Brussels.


The challenge was to enhance the building within a month and ensure it would stand out as a distinct addition to the city’s nighttime landscape, while combining modern technology with energy efficient lighting.


NetherLED provided the equipment and managed to seamlessly integrate hardware with the lighting control software. The entire lighting system can remotely be monitored, programmed and controlled.


Magic Monkey’s world-renowned high standard of quality was met by NetherLED’s attention to detail. “Once again, we were extremely pleased by the excellence of the work performed by the NetherLED team” says Marc Largent, Managing Director of Magic Monkey Lighting Designers.


The outcome of the Deutsche Bank’s new lighting design is as striking as it is elegant.

P.S. the word on the street is that the lighting effect is noticeable conducive to improved employee motivation... We get that! Who doesn’t love to work in a non-boring building?


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