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Jubail City Park KSA

NetherLED has been appointed to supply a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures for the masterplan of a new city quarter in the Middle-East. 


The landscape has been constructed on the shores of Jubail in Saudi Arabia. The objective was to ensure a comprehensive lighting scheme, well design illumination levels and inviting ambient atmosphere. 


NetherLED combined functional and decorative urban lighting fixtures in static white and dynamic RGBW colours in various beam angles. 

We used various techniques including up lighting, downlighting, accent lighting, spot lighting, road lighting and path lighting. 


The overall appearance in the attractive public realms of this new development is is stunning at nighttime. The area is a great crowd-pleaser


Bart Westenberg: We couldn’t wish for a greater start of our new branch in The United Arab Emirates. We would like to thank the contractor and the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu for their thrust and pleasant corporation.

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