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PUNE Xperience

Within 2.5 years, the Maastricht make-up brand PUNE has grown into one of the important players in the Dutch, Belgian and recently also on the Spanish market. In order to further enhance the experience of the brand and support for its points of sale, PUNE has opened a PUNE Xperience in the center of Maastricht, her cradle of the fashionable and stylish shopping city.


At this permanent location (Achter het Vleeshuis 38, Maastricht) the makeup brand PUNE is presented in a unique, contemporary way. By means of moving images and high-profile presentations, the passer-by is stunned and included in the PUNE experience. The space immediately catches the eye and the world of PUNE amazes. 

Supplier and system integrator: NetherLED

Lighting designer: Magic Monkey

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