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Rabobank HQ

Where farmers of the Vaessen-family once used to gather their rich harvest, a focus is now placed on the growth of customer assets. Rabobank has thoroughly redecorated a fortified farm with roots dating back as far as the 13th century, and turned it into an highly modern Advice Centre.


At NetherLED, we were proud to offer our exterior lighting design services at this 700 year-old historic estate in the Dutch town of Bocholtz.


Our outdoor lighting technicians looked carefully at the architecture and landscaping. Then, we custom-tailored an attractive, one-of-a-kind outdoor technical lighting scheme that enhanced the outdoor spaces. We understood how to combine various light fixtures, colours and beam angles, including up lighting, down lighting, spot lighting and path lighting.


The exterior is well-lit and easy to walk around safely. The overall appearance at nighttime is stunning.

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