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The Gatekeepers of Venray

The objects are placed around the renewed city centre of Venray in The Netherlands. Six landmarks, that show the name of the streets that lead you towards the city centre. They can be used as a bench but they also light up the streets at night.


The six gatekeepers as we called them are cheerful objects, each of them unique. Their base is made of white granite, that connects the landmarks to the street. People passing by can sit on them. The elegant shape, round edges en light colour give the base a friendly look. The Corten-steel upper part is partially perforated. They feel warm by the rusty brown colour.

At night he landmarks turn into nice lanterns. The names of the street will illuminate in various colours. They are the beacons along the ring road of Venray. They welcome you into the beautiful centre of the village!

By ateliereenarchitecten

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