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't Walletje

The 't Walletje business complex stands out with an innovative and dynamic lighting design. Featuring a unique kinetic panel façade, the scheme utilises LED fixtures to illuminate each panel.


The architectural lighting designers of Magic Monkey developed a scheme that would uplight and graze the perforated bronze metal panels when in their night positions: “When night falls, the building comes alive with a warm glowing light of the same amber colour of the bronze anodised aluminium metal panels. The perforated panels will appear as shadow patterns in front of the warm amber light grazing the surface of the wall behind each panel. By individually controlling each fixture, spectacular animated effects can be achieved on all four façades.”


NetherLED was responsible for the translation of the creative lighting design into a technical completion - from mock-up, system lay-out and product supply to programming the 132 amber LED lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures came with custom made 'snoots' in order to conceal the light sources and avoid glare. Furthermore they are powder coated with a blending RAL paint to match the architectural elements of the building.

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